We are MARLON, a New-Folk band based in Milan – Italy. Our project was born in May 2017 and we started releasing our music in January 2018. So far, we have released 12 singles (Jan. 18 – Dec. 18). These songs form our first album “Musings From the Rearview”, which was released on 27 November 2018. We have also released two cover songs and more than twenty videos collecting more than 156.000 views on our official Youtube channel. We also have released a live album on 4th March 2019 (Musings From the Rearview – Live in Theatre).

We want to show you ‘SUNKEN WORLDS’, our second album

  1. Back Home MARLON 3:06
  2. God Knows MARLON 3:42
  3. Rovers MARLON 2:53
  4. Easy MARLON 4:04
  5. Separated MARLON 3:18
  6. Behind MARLON 3:51
  7. Have a Great Flight MARLON 4:21
  8. Half-Blood Son MARLON 3:38
  9. The Journey MARLON 3:42

Produced and Engineered by Larsen Premoli
at RecLab Studios (summer 2019).
Music International Management by BMG Music Rights

Acoustic Guitar and Vocal: Marlon Bergamini
Drums, Percussions and Vocal : Jody Brioschi
Bass guitar and Vocal: Andrea Dominoni
Electric Guitars and Vocal: Emanuele Nanti
Piano and Hammond: Larsen Premoli

Artwork by: Marlon D.Bergamini and Jody Brioschi