EPK – LAST REVIEW: 10th Feb. 2019

We are MARLON, a New-Folk band based in Milan – Italy. We started the project in May 2017, and we started publishing our music on January 2018. Actually we have released 12 singles (Jan.18-Dec.18), these songs compose our first album ‘Musings From the Rearview” (released on 27th November 2018). We’ve also released two cover songs and more than twenty videos. On 4th March we’re going to publish a live album.

We want to present to you a preview of our second album: ‘SUNKEN WORLDS’. We finished recording sessions of our ten new songs and here you can listen to the pre-mix version of each song. We’ll provide to finalize (mix and mastered) this album during next months.

  1. God Knows MARLON 3:42
  2. Separated MARLON 3:18
  3. Easy MARLON 4:04
  4. Back Home MARLON 3:06
  5. Half-Blood Son MARLON 3:38
  6. Have a Great Flight MARLON 4:21
  7. Behind MARLON 3:51
  8. Rovers MARLON 2:53
  9. The Journey MARLON 3:42
  10. Mr. Davy Jones MARLON 2:53

We’re actually under contract with BMG-Music-Rights, only for Synch-Management (BMG-Italy – Worldwide). This deal let us free and unsigned with discographypublishing and booking management business. BMG is ready to cooperate…
We’re working (since the beginning) with Larsen Premoli, he’s our project manager and music producer, RecLab Studios‘ owner, a music and media factory based in Milan. We are also under contract with D’addario Italy group (we are D’addario, Evans drum-heads and Promark Sticks’ endorsers, and also with other brands like Strymon, Ashdown, Tech-21 and Alvarez Guitars only for Italy).
We’re looking for an international partner to expand our music business, concerts and promotion outside Italy.
Thank you very much for the time you’re spending here listening to our music, if you want to know more about our past and published material please visit our website using the menu and navigate inside its sections. 

We’d appreciate a feedback about our project and if you’re interested in a collaboration, contact us using this e-mail address: management@marlonmusic.it